Object detection made easy

Capacitive proximity switches are all-rounders when it comes to the detection of non metallic materials. An electrical field is altered by the approach of conductive materials and enables the detection of objects within the detection range of the sensor. A wide variety of materials, such as wood, flour, plastic granulate, coffee, sand or even liquids such as oil, water and milk, for example, can be safely detected. The detection capability of the capacitive sensor increases with the conductivity of the material.

The advantage of capacitive sensors lies in the possibility of detecting these substances even through non metallic materials. This allows the level monitoring of liquids or granulates inside plastic or glass containers, for example, without the sensor having to come into contact with the material to be detected. Proxitron offers a wide range of capacitive sensors for diverse fields of application in industry and research. This also includes versions with high switching distances or for elevated ambient temperatures. In addition, we offer special designs for analog level monitoring with teach-in technology and for rapid adaptation to varying operating conditions. A selection of housing materials, connection options or operating voltage versions completes the program.