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Proxitron Vietnam

Model: 6980A

OMC XI400 F06 Infrared Camera

t=-20 - 900°C, 382x288 pixels, optic 80° x 54°, USB interface,

stainless steel housing M30 length 100 mm, analog in and output 0 -10 V, digital input max. 24 V, incl. software for Windows, mounting bracket, 1 m USB cable , 1m cabel for in-/outputs with terminal block


Code: 6134M

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

OSA 6747.18 G

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

Piros  Infrared-Sensor view angle 67° (fibre optic cable), t=450-750°C adjustable, 24VDC, PNP-NO + NC, short  circuit protected, stainless steel  housing with fibre optic cable connection 2 m POKT therm  cable

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

Code: 6436I

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam


Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

fiber optic cable  for optical sensors, stainless steel  design, ambient temperature up to +290 °C, length  4 m

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

Code: 6037A

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

OAC 704 Optic with

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

fiber optic cable  connection view angle 7° stainless steel  housing Ø 25 mm

Proxitron VietNam, Proxitron ANS VietNam, ANS VietNam

Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 5200E
LMA 100
Laser Distance Sensor
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9850O
ST S8-2
S8 (M12) plug female straight 8 pol. with 2 m moulded PVC cable
1=WH, 2=BN, 3=GN, 4=YE, 5=GY, 6=PK, 7=BU, 8=RD
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9816B
HM 2
Swivel stand for optical sensors; stainless steel, usable for OKA/B, LSA/B, LAA/B, LRA/B, LTA/B, OAA, OAF, OACF
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9861F
SIC 485U S6
interface converter RS485/USB; input 1,5 m connection cable S6 4 pol.
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9853B
Power Supply 100 - 260 V AC, 24 V DC / 1 A

Balluff Vietnam

BTL5-S105B-M0400-P-S32 is no more valid and replaced by

Order code: BTL2MUH

BTL7-S505B-M0400-P-S32 Inductive Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BTL5-P-3800-2 Mechanical Accessories

Balluff Vietnam


BKS-S 33M-10 Single-Ended Cordsets

Cermate Technologies Vietnam

Model: PA100-WFT10-P1R0

Compact HMI Panels (PA100-10F: old model)

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 82SR0014

Spring Return Pneumatic actuator; SR85 S82 ; Standard type

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 72200008

Art. No 722000 - DN40

Full bore flanged ball valve PN16, in carbon steel  ASTM A105

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 73000310

Art. No 730003 -  DN50

Full bore flanged ball valve, PN16 in cast iron according to EN 558 basic serie 14

Forbes Marshall Vietnam

Code: 015CMTD42M-F

Size: 15NB; Compact Module –Thermodynamic Trap  –Flanged # 300 (With 3 Valves) MOC: A105

- Max AllowablePressure: 63bar g at 100 Deg C

- PMO Max Operating  Pressure: 42bar g

- Max Operating Temperature: 425 DegC at 42bar g (PC01N)

Apex Dynamics Vietnam

Gearbox S/N. 2109173695

AB115-035-S1-P2/ ALLEN BRADLEY MPL-B330P (AB115-S1-P2)


DOLD Vietnam

Art No: 0065702

UH5947.04PC/200/61 DC24V Speed and standstill monitor

DOLD Vietnam

Art No: 0064473

LH5946.48PC/61 0,2-4V UH DC24V Speed and standstill monitor

DOLD Vietnam

Art No: 0058353

BD5935.48/824/61 DC24V Emergency stop module


Model: 143-400EL1000



Vaisala Vietnam

Code: DMT152 A1DCE1XA33EA1X

DMT152: Low Dewpoint Transmitter

Schubert & Salzer Vietnam

Code: EV1M3-12/24

New article description due to NEW design and development stage 8049/4P5-1S000-11-00 ; ident-no 4058343

Type 8049: Digital Positioner Type 8049


Baumuller Vietnam

Motor DS 45 M 45 as serial 21335368

Art No: 433067

Baumuller Vietnam

Motor DA225M54A17-5

Art No: 00399639

Nr: 11308087

Baumuller Vietnam

Motor DS 56 S65

Art No: 436993

Nr:  21336133

Baumuller Vietnam

Motor DS 45 L 45 as serial 21322997

Art No: 433072

Nr: 21322997

Baumuller Vietnam

Item no: 528592E

Motor DSD2-100LO64W-30-54-ABA-KNT-K-AN-O-110 37kW

Baumuller Vietnam

Item no: 504884

Inverter BM4145-ST0-00343-03 without cards

Baumuller Vietnam

Item no: 526861E

Motor DS 100 L 25  UL - 9 kW

TAKUWA Vietnam

Quartz Sensor


- Measuring range: 0-30m

- Accuracy: 0.01% F.S.

- Power Supply: DC12V

TAKUWA Vietnam

Sensor Cable


TAKUWA Vietnam

Junction Box


- Wall-mount type

- Arrester, Air filter

(optional - Arrester for sensor Side)

MOXA Vietnam

Model: NPort 5410

4 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232, DB9 male, 15KV ESD, 12-48 VDC, W/o Adapter

MOXA Vietnam

Model: IMC-21GA

Industrial Gigabit Media Converter, SFP Slot, -10 to 60°C

NSD Vietnam

Model: VS-5FXG-1


NSD Vietnam

Model: VRE-P062SAC


NSD Vietnam

Model: 3P-RBT-0102-10

Cable for Varicam & Absocorde

NSD Vietnam

Model: NDP-A211A1

External Display Unit

NSD Vietnam

Model: VS-C05-Z01-10

Connection cable for NDP


Vaisala Vietnam

Hand-held Moisture in oil Meter MM70 F1A1A0A0B0A0B0

Indicator with All Plugs to AC-Adapter; Vaisala Brandlabel

Probe type: MMP78A; Special sensor for fluids

Stainless Steel Filter (HM47453SP); No Indicator accessories

Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature

No Installation accessories; Measured variables: aw+T+ppm

No Connection cable; Probe cable length: 1.9m

No Carrying case; English User´s Guide MM70


Model: HD-1200E



Model: BS-21E-010-TC1-ANP



Code: 441.9955.1364.24.U

Type: PTM/N/RS485Type Level Transmitter; Firmware V112

Pressure type Gauge; Pressure range 0 ... 15 mH2O

Overpressure 5 bar; Version closed version

Electrical connection PE cable

Cable length [m] 20 ; Output signal RS485 with surge protection Supply voltage 9 ... 30 V DC

Con. config. analogue +Vin: white, Pout: brown, GND:yellow

Con. config. RS485 +RS485: green, -RS485: grey

Accuracy <± 0.1 % FS (linearity/hysteresis/repeatab.)

Temperature range -5 ... 50°C comp. (medium temp. -5 ... 50°C)

Seals Viton; Medium Not specified by customer

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMT330 3E0A101BCAF100A0AAABAA1

Transmitter type: HMT333 for general use; Probe cables: Probe 2m

Additional temperature probe: No Temperature Probe

Calculations: Code RH+T; Display: With Display

Power supply: Standard (10...35V,24VAC)

Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA

Analog output signals for Ch1: Channel 1 RH (0...100%RH)

Analog output signals for Ch2: Channel 2 T (Range See Below)

Analog output signals for Ch3: No Analog Outputs

Analog output range for temperature: Temperature Range -20...+60C; Output units: Metric Units; No Module

Cable bushings: Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5

Transmitter installation: No Installation Kit

Humidity sensor: General purpose HUMICAP180R

Sensor protection: PPS Grid with Steel Netting

Installation kit for probe: No Installation Kit

Operating manual language: User´s Guide HMT330 English

No Accessories

Calibration / Calibration contract: No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration; Additional Maintenance: No Maintenance Contract

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