Pyrometer in the process of induction hardening

Steel parts which have been cast or formed in a cold or hot process usually do not have the necessary hardness or rigidity yet, or do not have enough wear resistance to meet the quality standards which are set in certain applications. For this reason parts may undergo a further heat treatment where chemical substances are added, in some cases, to produce the adequate properties.

The induction hardening belongs to the heat treatments and guarantees these properties from the surface up to a certain depth of the object. Stationary special pyromters from Proxitron are used to supervise and keep records of the heating process. It must be ensured that the surface is heated to a certain temperature. Heating can take place by creating a strong inductive alternating field on a specific part of the object.

The penetration depth is controlled by modeling the frequency of the alternating field. A successful heating depends on the precise balance between temperature and time. As temperature must be measured permanently, it may be necessary to protect the pyromter against thermal radiation. Proxitron pyrometers can perform high quality measurement and resist in high temperature environments if equipped with specific accessories, as for example a cooling jacket.