Inductive Sensors

[Sn up to 200 mm, -40 °C up to +250 °C]

Inductive proximity switches with cylindrical  housing belong to the standard sensors worldwide. With every sensor we offer you at least one more advantage. Besides variants with plug or versions with cable in the usual lengths of 2 m, Proxitron offers you a selection of different cable materials and lengths. Furthermore we offer you proximity switches with several features. Convince yourself:

  • Teach-In. The sensor adjusts to the ambient conditions by one press of the button sets the optimal sensing distance automatically.
  • ProxiPlus technology. The sensors offers you definitely a great scope and ensurance regarding the sensing distance. Or you can choose the same sensing distance but benefit of a smaller housing.
  • ProxiHeat technologie. Inductive sensors for special applications, for example in furnaces with ambient temperatures of up to 250 °C.
  • Offset oscillation frequencies. Sensors which are installed for the monitoring of objects in a narrow room, can be influence each other. At Proxitron you will find sensors with offset oscillation frequencies which can be installed alternately next to each other. Guaranteed without influencing each other. 
  • Cable lengths. Only you know what cable lengths you need. We offer you the sensor with the suitable cable lengths.
  • Kabelart. Only you know what your cable must withstand. We offer you several different cable materials, optimal for your application.


Type Brand
IKH 035 / IKH 045 Proxitron Vietnam
IKQ 040 Proxitron Vietnam
IKK 040 Proxitron Vietnam
IKG 040 Proxitron Vietnam
IKD 045 Proxitron Vietnam
IKJ 050 Proxitron Vietnam
IKRD 050 Proxitron Vietnam
IKK 050 / IKK 060 Proxitron Vietnam
IKN 060 Proxitron Vietnam
IKNR 060 Proxitron Vietnam










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