HMD mini

The new Proxitron Hot Metal Detector (HMD) mini with intelligent software! 

High performance in an extra small housing

Proxitron infrared temperature switchs have always been extremely robust, wear resistant and maintenance-free and specially constructed for the application in rough conditions. These features are all included in the new Hot Metal Detector (HMD) mini as well. The robust und small stainless steel housing makes it an all-rounder for many applications. The infrared temperature switch HMD mini convinces with its smart software, two parameterizable outputs and more functions. One of the function for example is the comfortable Teach-In function. This function recognises the temperature of an object and adjusts the optimal switching point automatically. A wide range of accessory allows the adaption of diff erent kind of applications.


· small and robust stainless steel housing M40

· response temperature from 250 °C up to 900 °C

· object temperature from 250 °C up to 1.300 °C

· comfortable Teach-In function

· robust silica lens

· easy parameterization via software

· two freely parameterizable outputs

· maintenance free, low investment costs

· bus compatible (MODBUS RTU)

· ambient temperatures -10 °C up to 70 °C

· wide range of accessories for mounting, cooling, alignment and Innovation WITH INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE FULLY PARAMETERIZABLE OUTPUTS TEACH-IN OBJECT TEMPERATURES 250 °C UP TO 1.300 °C ROBUST (STAINLESS STEEL) SILICA LENSES protection against dirt and debris