LMB 100

Distance measurement with superior properties

With the new laser distance sensor – the LMB 100 – Proxitron sets new standards in path and distance measurement. As the best of its kind, it measures distances of up to 500*) meters – precise and confident. Even at ambient temperatures of 200 °C sensor model LMB 100 is not disconcerted given its stainless steel cooling housing. For lower ambient temperatures (up to 40 °C), the laser distance sensor is also available without a cooling jacket (LMA 100). On top of that, Proxitron’s new sensor faces object temperatures of up to 1300 °C. Maximum performance guaranteed with LMB 100 for use in steel plants and rolling mills.



Product Characteristics  
Type LMB 100
Art.-No. 5200A
Application distance measuring on hot objects, positioning in furnaces, hot rolling, pressing, forging, heat treatment
Technical Data  
Measuring range 0 – 500 m* (can be parameterized)
Measurement accuracy max. +/- 1 mm
Laser Laser class 2
Trigger function Single distance measuring at external trigger signal
Continuous measurement Automatically distance measuring accuracy optimized
Quick continuous measurement Automatically distance measuring speed optimized
Supply voltage 12 - 30 V DC
Ripple max. 10 %
Current consumption < 200 mA
Analog output 4 – 20 mA (12-Bit resolution)
Load impedance 100 – 500 W
Digital communication RS 485 MODBUS RTU
Trigger input 12 – 30 V DC
Output 3x PNP normally open / normally closed (can be parameterized)
Continuous current 0 - 400 mA
Short-circuit protection yes, pulsing
Voltage drop < 2,5 V
Response time 10 ms – 1,5 s
Readiness delay 7 s
Ambient temperature 10 … +40 °C without cooling, up to 200 °C with cooling
Protection class IP 67
Housing material Stainless steel
Functional display Duo-LED red/green
Status display RGB-LED
Cooling water ~1l/min., 5 bar max.
Connection device plug S8 (M12 x 1 A) 8 pole with G3/4“ protective hose thread
Connection interface plug S4 (M12 x 1 A) 5 pole
Weight 2,1 kg


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