Inductive Proximity Switches Basic Information

Proxitron GmbH - Gärtnerstr. 10 - D-25335 Elmshorn - Tel. 04121/2621-0 - Fax. 04121/2621-10 - Inductive proximity switches detect metal objects contactless. Proxitron offers the widest variety of robustly constructed designs for standard industrial solutions and complex applications. Versions with extended temperature range and the comfortable setting with teach-in enable safe operation even under demanding conditions. Customisations provide the optimum solution for every application. 


Type Brand
IKQ 100 Proxitron Vietnam
IKQA 100 Proxitron Vietnam
IKQR 100 Proxitron Vietnam
IKO 100 / IKO 125 Proxitron Vietnam
IKM 070 Proxitron Vietnam
IKMN 070 Proxitron Vietnam
IKN 070 Proxitron Vietnam
IKNB 080 Proxitron Vietnam


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