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Proxitron light barriers are outstanding for detecting hot and cold objects. They are not sensitive to exterior light influences and resistant to infrared radiation from other heat sources. This enables them to be used for detection of objects inside furnaces. The high switching speed enables secure monitoring of rapid processes and the extreme range permits the use in most difficult environments. Proxitron has set new standards of operating security and functional reserve. The robust design guarantees secure operation even in cases of vibrations, radiating heat, and high ambient temperatures. The optics consist of temperature-resistant glass that can resist the toughest condition.

In addition to the standard versions featuring stainless steel housing with integrated electronics, there are variations with cooling jacket housing for temperatures up to 200 °C available. Furthermore versions with fiber optic cable, separate evaluation system and separate optics that are able to withstand ambient temperatures up to 600 °C are also part of the product range. A contamination control enables early signalling of unstable operating conditions. Several connection variations, an optional air purge, and matching accessories round off the series.


Type Brand
LAA 600 Proxitron Vietnam
LAB 600 Proxitron Vietnam
LSA 600 Proxitron Vietnam
LSB 600 Proxitron Vietnam
LAA 667 Proxitron Vietnam
LAD 600 Proxitron Vietnam
LASD 600 Proxitron Vietnam
LSA 667 Proxitron Vietnam
LSD 600 Proxitron Vietnam
OACF 154 Proxitron Vietnam
LLK Proxitron Vietnam


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